An electric pickup truck Tesla Cybertruck pulled Ford F-150. But did he honestly win?

An electric pickup truck Tesla Cybertruck pulled Ford F-150. But did he honestly win?

November 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A video on how an American Tesla Cybertruck pickup easily pulls a Ford F-150 was shown at the presentation of an electric pickup truck. It seems that the confrontation and, consequently, the victory of the electric car was not entirely honest.

During the presentation of the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup last week, California-based Tesla showed a video showing the process of pulling a rope between the Cybertruck pickup and the Ford F-150 itself. A short clip showed that in the confrontation, an electric road monster from the future easily defeats a classic pickup truck with an internal combustion engine. But was it an honest game?

 Not so long ago, a video appeared on Twitter on the official channel of Tesla CEO Elon Musk on which the same confrontation is shown – the difference is that this time the video is better and we can see some very important details.

 As far as we can tell, Cybertruck is participating in the race in the middle configuration with an all-wheel drive system – two engines on each axis. The starting price of this performance of the machine is 49,900 dollars. At the other end of the cable was a Ford F-150 truck in the STX version (judging by the size of the false radiator grille, door handles and wheels).

  It can be seen from the video that only the rear wheels rotate in the F-150 pickup, and we can assume that this is a model with rear-wheel drive. We can’t determine what is under the hood of the car, but if it is really a RWD model, then we are talking about a 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine. Simply put, the F-150 used in this video is noticeably lighter, cheaper, and probably significantly weaker than its all-electric opponent – and in tug-of-war competitions, it is precisely engine power and car mass that determine the winner. So this seems like a completely dishonest victory!

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