An electric motorcycle speed record set

An electric motorcycle speed record set

September 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The rider Zef Eisenberg managed to accelerate to a record speed of 317 km/h on an electric motorcycle, which was built specifically for the TT Zero championship.

The record was set at the Elvington airfield in York in honor of the pilot Daily Matheson, who crashed during a race in June this year on the Isle of Man.

 The performance of the electric bike, which was created by specialists from the University of Nottingham, is 255 hp. As noted, for a straight-line race, the motorcycle was reconfigured, as a result of which its average speed reached 297.894 km/h, and the maximum – 317 km/h.

 But Eisenberg’s record is currently unofficial, as it must be confirmed by the International Motorcycle Federation (FIM). According to the rules, the record speed is calculated by the time for which the rider has overcome a specific distance, and 2 successful arrivals must be completed within an hour.

 Eisenberg and the deceased Matheson were members of the same MadMax team. Before arrival, Eisenberg talked with the wife of the late rider to inquire about her opinion regarding his intention to set a world record. She, as he noted, gave her blessing.

Also recently, a British rider was able to set a speed record, standing upside down on a motorcycle. It was able to accelerate to 76.1764 mph.