An electric buggy will appear in the Volkswagen lineup

An electric buggy will appear in the Volkswagen lineup

December 6, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen is thinking about launching the Meyers Manx series of electric 60’s from the 60s. The model will be part of the I.D. line, which will include two more cars in retro style: a Buzz-inspired Microbus van and a certain five-door hatchback similar to the legendary Beetle.

According to Autocar, now Volkswagen executives are analyzing the prospects for the model. Buggy plans to build on a modular platform MEB and equip the power plant from the electric hatchback Neo. Externally, the car will resemble the original Meyers Manx rear-engine: large wheels, low set body, safety cage. The decision on the model of Volkswagen announced at the Geneva Motor Show in the spring of next year.

The original Meyers Manx was produced by B. F. Meyers&Co. from 1964 to 1971. Buggy was offered in the form of a kit car built on a shorter Volkswagen Beetle chassis. In 2000, the production of cars resumed, the company Meyers Manx released a limited edition classic buggies, and in 2002 introduced the version of Manxter 2 + 2 and Manxter DualSport on the full-size platform Beetle. In 2009, an updated version of the classic car called Kick-Out Manx.

The first-born of the Volkswagen electric line will be the I.D. hatchback. Neo. The assembly of the model will begin in a year at an enterprise in Germany. Other models of the I.D. will be produced in China from 2020. In total, by 2030, about 300 electric cars, vans, pickups and motorcycles will appear in the VW product line.