Amsterdam authorities are going to ban cars on gasoline and diesel

Amsterdam authorities are going to ban cars on gasoline and diesel

May 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A complete ban on the operation of such cars will come into force in 2030, but already next year diesel engines over 15 years old will be banned.

Amsterdam authorities have decided to gradually impose a ban on cars and motorcycles running on gasoline or diesel fuel. This is stated in the ten-year plan, which was approved by the city council of the capital of the Netherlands. On the new milestone in the history of the city writes the British newspaper Ā«The GuardianĀ». Next year, the entry to the capital will be closed for diesel vehicles over 15 years old. From 2022, buses that pollute city streets with harmful exhausts will not be able to enter the center, and even three years later, motorcycles and scooters, as well as recreational river boats operating on gasoline or diesel will be banned.

In parallel with this, the Amsterdam authorities are planning to increase the number of charging stations for electric cars. According to media reports, by the end of this program, their number will grow from 3,000 to 16-23,000.

All these measures are aimed at making the air in the city much cleaner. In the future, this will affect the average life expectancy of Amsterdam citizens: according to specialists, it will increase by a year. The city will finally get rid of gasoline and diesel cars by 2030.