Americans will learn to charge electric pickup trucks from an awning

Americans will learn to charge electric pickup trucks from an awning

August 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Especially for future electric pickup trucks, startup Worksport is developing an innovative cargo cover that has solar panels built into it.

The use of solar panels in cars is now rare. The latest example is the Toyota Prius Prime hybrid. With a power of 860 W, the rated output power is 4.8 times higher, and the conversion efficiency of the solar battery exceeds 34%. Most importantly, the demo car uses a system that charges the battery both while parking and on the move.

As can be seen from the technical characteristics of such a system, it is ineffective, but rather expensive. Therefore, many automakers, including Tesla, try not to spend money on the development of such technologies.

However, the design of the pickups makes it easier to integrate solar panels. Worksport decided to integrate photocells into the cargo compartment cover, which allows you to install an additional source of energy on the car at any time or remove it. As a result, it is possible to get rid of at least one drawback of such systems.

Since electric pickups have not yet gone on sale, the company suggests using a 2 kWh modular battery. The stored energy can be used to power external devices: be it lighting, electrical tools, and so on. But in the future, the system will be connected directly to the main battery of the electric car. The company says the rig will be able to provide 25-30% of the charge needed by an average pickup truck.

Worksport is still at the design stage and is looking for investors to complete the project. If everything goes according to plan, then around 2022, after receiving funding, the TerraVis system will go on sale – just in time for the mass release of several electric pickups.