Americans introduced a universal trailer for off-road enthusiasts

Americans introduced a universal trailer for off-road enthusiasts

November 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The living trailer, despite its compact size, is equipped with everything necessary for a long trip. There was even a place for a full bed.

Into The Wild Overlands, a company specializing in the construction of campers and residential trailers for adventure and wildlife lovers, has released a new model with the XT12 index. The Americans tried to make the novelty universal. Four sleeping places are equipped here at once, and a couple of travelers will be able to accommodate in a real bed. In addition, in the trailer, whose length reaches 5.5 meters, there is a shower area, a cassette toilet and a small kitchen with a sink, stove and refrigerator. Awning, which the manufacturer used for the roof, is displayed depending on the situation. The developers also provided a special heater to make travelers feel comfortable even in cold weather.

A battery of 250 amp hours and 220 watts of solar energy is responsible for electricity.

 To prevent such a camper trailer from being off-road, it was equipped with a steel chassis, all-terrain tires and a Timbren axle-free suspension. The clearance reaches almost 51 cm, and the weight of the XT12 does not exceed 1,360 kilograms. The cost of new items is not yet called. Experts suggest that the prices for it will vary from 40 to 45 thousand dollars. On sale XT12 will appear next spring.