Americans got scared of smart cars

Americans got scared of smart cars

March 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Americans are less likely to trust unmanned technology in the automotive industry. According to recent studies, 71% of citizens will not, under any circumstances, get into the cabin of a machine controlled by artificial intelligence. And over the last year, their number only increased: at the end of 2017, 63% of respondents considered autonomous transport relatively safe.

Experts attribute such a sharp deterioration in the attitude of Americans to high technology with a number of lethal incidents that drones got into last year. March 18, 2018 in Arizona, the Uber car hit a woman to death, and a little later Tesla killed its owner. If it were not for these precedents, the level of trust in technology could well have risen to about 50% – at the end of 2016 only 22% of Americans did not doubt the autopilot, and by the end of next year already 37%.

Therefore, researchers believe in the next couple of years, the lot of self-managed machines will work in delivery services and amusement parks. 53% of respondents are ready to sit down in demonstration cars that ride along empty roads at a snail’s pace.

However, despite the very skeptical attitude towards the current state of technology, 55% of Americans have no doubt that by 2029 most cars will not need drivers.

Researchers also note that the survey results to a greater extent indicate excessive attention to the development of unmanned cars. This is what they explain the fact that only two deaths with their participation against 37 thousand people who died in car accidents in classic cars could change the mood of Americans so radically.