Americans assembled the largest Volkswagen Beetle the size of a Hummer

Americans assembled the largest Volkswagen Beetle the size of a Hummer

August 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The enthusiasts from the USA called their bold project “Huge Bug”. Thanks to their efforts, the iconic little car, known for its compact size, has increased by almost one and a half times.

A curious copy of the legendary Volkswagen Beetle has appeared in the USA. This car differs from the classic model by its incredible dimensions for a “Beetle” – the car’s dimensions are comparable to the powerful Hummer SUV.

The giant Volkswagen Beetle was assembled by the American Scott Tupper. His father helped him in this difficult matter. According to the authors of the Huge Bug project, they were prompted to create an enlarged copy of the model by the desire to distinguish the Volkswagen Beetle in the traffic flow. In their opinion, this model deserves much more attention and respect. Driving such a “Beetle” you will definitely not be oppressed in a traffic jam.

At first, the Americans planned to increase the size of the car by 50%. However, then they had to correct their plans: so the “Beetle” would not be able to move on the usual roads. Then the enthusiasts have reduced the original figure by 10%.

The first step in the process of creating a replica was a digital copy of the Beetle: for this, the Americans scanned a classic 1959 car using a 3D scanner. Then the model was “increased” by 40%.
Only after that was it possible to blunt the work on the body panels. The basis for the enlarged “Beetle” was taken from the Dodge pickup, and the power unit – from the Dodge Magnum station wagon. This is a V8 engine with a displacement of 5.7 liters.

Earlier our portal talked about another unusual tuning project – a tourist camper based on the Volkswagen Beetle. The car, known as the Volkswagen Super Bugger, was built by Californian craftsmen in the late 1970s.