Americans are working on a road from solar panels

Americans are working on a road from solar panels

November 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Solar panels, developed by special technology, can withstand the weight of the truck, as well as “melt” the snow.

Once, scientists calculated that about 0.5% of the entire surface of our planet is occupied by roads. This whole area, by the way, is quite large, used only for the movement of cars, and yet it could bring more benefits to people. Cover the usual road with solar panels, and it will be able to power streetlights, for example. In 2016, the world’s first “solar” road was built in the French region of Normandy, but it did not live up to its expectations. It generated much less electricity than planned, and never paid off. Now this idea was continued by the American company Solar Roadways from Idaho, which is also working on “sunny roads”.

 Modular solar panels allow you to move fearlessly, they can even support the weight of a large truck.

 Outwardly, they look like tempered glass with a surface similar to ordinary asphalt. The marking role is played by built-in LED lights that create the necessary lines and inscriptions, and internal heating elements help the panels repel snow and ice.

 According to Solar Roadways, the technology they have developed has great potential: it can be used on highways or to recharge electric cars that are popular today. Such panels can be equipped with sidewalks, car parks, parking lots, bike paths and playgrounds.