American violates quarantine in Canada for $ 569,000

American violates quarantine in Canada for $ 569,000

September 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In addition to the fine, he faces six months in prison

John Pennington from Walton, Kentucky, USA, was returning home from Alaska via Canada and managed to break quarantine for more than half a million dollars.

Canada closed its border with the United States due to the coronavirus pandemic on March 21 this year. Americans can enter Canada only if they are going to Alaska or returning back – while they are required to take the shortest route between Alaska and other states. They are also banned from visiting national parks, recreational areas and tourist attractions while traveling in Canada under threat of huge fines. However, American John Pennington, returning from Alaska to Kentucky, completely ignored all possible quarantine rules.

Pennington decided not to miss the opportunity to look into Banff National Park in the south of the Canadian Rockies. His car was stopped by the police, sent to a local hospital for a coronavirus test, fined $ 910 and ordered to leave the country. He did not, and the next day he was detained again for sightseeing. As a result, according to CBC News, the American violated the quarantine in Canada for $ 569,000. In addition, he faces six months in prison – the punishment will be determined by a local court in November.