American tuners restored a 1937 bus

American tuners restored a 1937 bus

July 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Legacy Classic Trucks has completed restoration work on the US National Park bus.

This is a 1937 Kenworth model that transported visitors to Mount Rainier National Park. This bus performed its functions until 1962, breaking many kilometers.

Due to its age, the bus was badly battered, so the tuners had to resort to a deep restoration. For example, they completely eliminated corrosion on the car body, repainted it and equipped it with new 20-inch wheels from the company Budd.

As for the Kenworth interior, here the experts worked on the backlight and added retro-style sensors. In addition, they retained the original wood flooring and trimmed each of the 18 seats with high-quality Italian leather.

The Legacy did not leave unchanged the engine compartment. The tuners equipped the bus with a 6-cylinder Hercules JXD engine with a capacity of 130 hp, with which the factory 5-speed manual transmission operates.

“Restoring a classic bus like Kenworth takes a lot of effort. At the same time, our tuning company is glad that she had the opportunity to work on such a model from the past, ”said the head of Legacy Classic Trucks Winslow Bent ..

It should be emphasized that after the completion of restoration work, the American studio put up a bus for sale at a price of $ 580 thousand

In addition, more recently, an exact copy of the Ferrari 360, made from the old Toyota MR2, was put up for sale. For a car that has a mileage of 137,000 km, the seller asks for 27,000 euros.