American scientists have found that even electric cars pollute the planet

American scientists have found that even electric cars pollute the planet

October 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

While countries come up with new standards and prohibitions for cars with ICEs, ecologists have found that even cars with electric power plants can harm the environment.

Scientists from San Francisco found that cars pollute the environment not only with exhaust gases: tires also have a negative impact on the ecological condition of our planet. They are considered to be the main source of pollution of coastal waters. The experts made such a conclusion against the background of active propaganda of electric transport, which, as it turned out now, is not so environmentally friendly. Thus, tire wear products account for almost half of the seven trillion microplastic particles found on the Pacific coast. They get there from the surface of roads along with rainwater through ordinary stormwater.

These particles may contain toxic chemical additives, such as flame retardants and plasticizers. Part of the microplastic accumulates at the bottom of the ocean, but the highest concentration of particles is recorded precisely in wastewater and storm drains.

 The authorities are already interested in this problem. So, California Minister of the Environment Jared Blumenfeld, who got acquainted with the findings of the study, noted that now it is necessary to take measures that will contribute to its solution. One of them is to transfer Americans from personal cars, albeit electric ones, to public transport.