American built an exclusive SUV from two Ford

American built an exclusive SUV from two Ford

March 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

David Stockman from the United States showed on the network the exclusive SUV Super Bronco, which he built on his own, combining 2 cars. To do this, he took a pickup truck Ford F-250 Super Duty and a 5-door Ford Excursion, which were released in 2005 and 2001, respectively.

At first, the enthusiast was going to just make the SUV shorter and equip it with a 6.0 liter diesel engine from the pickup truck. But then they made a strange decision, he took and simply sawed two cars to combine them into one.

So, Super Bronco acquired the front part and the frame from the F-250, and the back from the Excursion. Moreover, Stockman was able to both combine two cars and place doors between the bodies that open upstream.

 Other elements, such as the front fenders and the hood, “homemade” received from another F-250 of 2008, at the same time, the radiator grill was “given” to him by a modern pickup truck. In particular, Stockman integrated the taillights from the F-150 (2017 production year) into the Excursion body, and connected them using a luminous jumper bearing the inscription Super Bronco.

 The interior space of the auto enthusiast was also forced to significantly refine: to do this, he applied the details from the F-150 version of King Ranch and Lincoln MKX.

 The SUV is equipped with a 6.0 liter diesel engine with a capacity of 400 hp, together with which an “automatic” and an all-wheel drive system function.