American built a unique Dodge Challenge on 34-inch wheels

American built a unique Dodge Challenge on 34-inch wheels

September 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

For the construction of this machine, the owner spent 100 thousand dollars

Seeing such big wheels on the Dodge Challenger is pretty weird, but car owner Cory Jones thinks differently. He installed huge 34-inch wheels in the 2017 Dodge Challenger RT. In addition, he ordered a grille with the name of his brand.

 According to Corey Jones, he also upgraded the wheel arches and wings to install such large wheels. In addition, this instance of Challenger is painted in a rather original iridescent blue tint, and the interior has LED optics. In the luggage compartment of the car is a high-quality stereo system.

 Despite such non-standard tuning, this Dodge Challenger still has the opportunity to operate as an everyday car and it can even take part in racing races.

 in particular, a video was posted on the Internet where Jones competes in his quarter-mile race at his Challenger at the Cordova International Raceway.

In addition, they recently demonstrated a limited edition car of the Mopar Dodge Challenge. It is available only in white and black.