American bought 42 Volkswagen cars in his life

American bought 42 Volkswagen cars in his life

September 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A devoted fan of the Volkswagen brand lives in the United States, who has not changed his beloved car brand for many years. The first American car was the iconic Volkswagen Beetle.

Taylor Bryant lives in Charleston, America, who prefers to drive only cars with the Volkswagen logo. He began his acquaintance with the brand with the legendary “Beetle” of the 1961 model year and never cheated on it again. A dedicated fan of the German automaker was told in the American division of VW.

It is estimated that in his entire life, an American managed to purchase 42 cars of the brand. It is no coincidence that Bryant’s passion for German cars has arisen: he has been engaged in the repair and maintenance of cars of this brand for 12 years. So he saw all their advantages, as they say, from the inside. In his personal fleet over the years, there were several copies of Golf, Jetta and Passat.

Today the American drives two Jetta sedans – produced in 1990 and fresher – in 2017, as well as a VW Passat station wagon in 2004.

Taylor Bryant introduced the whole family to Volkswagen products: for the fifth anniversary of their marriage, he gave his wife a Golf convertible, and for his son he chose the Jetta sedan as the first car.

Meanwhile, the Volkswagen Viloran minivan has become the best-selling car in its class. The novelty appeared on the Chinese market in May this year and immediately gained popularity among buyers.