Amazon’s voice assistant will be available on General Motors cars

Amazon’s voice assistant will be available on General Motors cars

September 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Amazon will introduce Alexa’s voice assistant in the new General Motors vehicles. The head of the company believes in the future, where everyone will have a choice, which applies to the choice of voice assistants.

American automaker General Motors allows owners of their cars younger than 2018 to download an update that will add the Amazon Digital Assistant voice assistant (artificial intelligence is called Alexa). The assistant is able to control navigation, data transfer between smartphone and multimedia system. This innovation will be available from next year, as representatives of the company said yesterday.

 The transnational technology company Amazon gets its advantages: millions of cars will be available to it, and the list of devices that support their voice assistant will expand significantly.

 Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, said the introduction of a voice assistant is only a small part of his strategy. The head of the company plans to significantly expand the popularity and activity of e-commerce in vehicles.

 For quite some time, large corporations such as General Motors have been trying to develop their own infotainment system. However, customers prefer designs like Alexa, Google Voice, or Apple Siri, while carmakers are forced to meet demand.

 Amazon also offers the Echo Auto system, which can be equipped with any car, giving it the voice assistant Alexa. Santiago Chamorro, General Motors’ vice president of global network services, said the car owner has a choice between Alexa, Google, or the phone’s built-in application.

 “We believe in a future where the customer has a choice,” says Ned Kurich, vice president of Alexa Auto.

Owners of new General Motors cars will be able to install this software no earlier than the first half of next year. And Amazon made a statement that many popular actors will take part in voicing the voice assistant, which will also be built into new models of headphones, glasses and rings.

 At the same time, the company introduced a new model line of voice-controlled Echo speakers, as well as a multilingual mode for Alexa.