Amazon and Torc Robotics to Build Autonomous Truck for Daimler

Amazon and Torc Robotics to Build Autonomous Truck for Daimler

February 18, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

In the race to build autonomous trucks, Daimler Trucks is partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build cloud services.

Daimler Trucks acquired a majority stake in Torc Robotics in 2019 with the specific goal of developing Level 4 Autonomous Commercial Vehicles. Many manufacturers in the transportation sector are betting heavily on unmanned technology, which forces them to partner with big tech companies. Volkswagen, for example, recently announced a partnership with Microsoft for cloud services. This is because petabytes (or 1 million gigabytes) of data are generated during development.

“We believe that the collaboration between Torc and AWS will bring two very strong teams together and represent another milestone on our journey towards Tier 4 trucks,” said Dr. Peter Vaughan Schmidt, head of Daimler Trucks’ autonomous technology group. “Daimler Trucks’ goal is to ensure the safe development of the self-driving truck business and shape the future of the trucking and logistics industry as a whole.”

Since raw data comes from a variety of test vehicle sensors such as lidars, radars and cameras, it’s easy to see how this information can quickly lead to overload. As technology improves, there is more and more information flow.

Recall that level 4 autonomy implies computer control of the car, but the driver can take control. This distinguishes it from a Level 5 autonomous vehicle, in which there is no way to take over.