Already this year, 10 thousand methanol cars will appear on the roads of China

Already this year, 10 thousand methanol cars will appear on the roads of China

February 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This goal has set itself the Chinese province of Guinzhou. With the help of cars on methanol, local authorities are going to improve the environmental situation.

The authorities of the Chinese province of Guinzhou seriously thought about promoting the so-called “green development”. To stop environmental pollution, about 10,000 methanol-powered vehicles are going to be brought to local roads here this year. Interestingly, this province, located in the south-west of China, has the status of one of the pilot ecological zones. That is why in recent times special attention has been paid to the creation of a legislative framework for the introduction of machines with engines operating on methanol.

In order to encourage the local population to take care of the environment, the authorities are developing special subsidies for the purchase of such vehicles, as well as actively developing the necessary infrastructure.

 In addition, in the next three years, the authorities of the province of Guinzhou plan to invest about 200 million yuan in the development of the methanol car niche, which is equivalent to $ 29.5 million. Such “green” propaganda is already bearing the first fruits. For example, about 4,800 methanol taxis are currently operating in Guiyang urban district. This is more than half of all taxi services in the city. Such transport is served by 13 gas stations, very soon this list will be added to 15 more objects.