Alpine patented Alpine A110 crossover coupe

Alpine patented Alpine A110 crossover coupe

October 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The striking find was discovered “in the depths” of the International Patent Office. AutoWeek has released patent images of what appears to be a “lifted” version of the Alpine A110.

Earlier this year, Alpine unveiled a very eye-catching A110-based show car at the Paris International Automobile Festival. The brand presented the A110 SportsX to the world, the A110 with two specially designed roof rails that made the sports coupe appear winter sports ready. It’s worth noting that skiing was not the only hallmark of the A110 SportsX.

For example, the A110 SportsX concept is 6 centimeters taller than the already well-known A110 coupe. In addition, the sports variant of the A110 Sports X is wider than the rally version, to be precise, by 80 mm. The adventurous A110 is also equipped with a set of larger wheels, and plastic pads and skis at the back complement the overall picture. Patent plaques found in the patent office database may indicate production of the A110 SportsX.

The Alpine A110 featured in the images seems almost identical to the concept shown in January. However, there are two tiny differences. For example, the largest cooling holes in the front bumper of the A110 are partially filled with horizontal plates, which also show the tank hole, whereas on the A110 SportsX it seemed hidden. The crosses on the inner set of LED taillights are also missing.

It is theoretically possible that Alpine will offer a modified version of the A110, a vehicle with which the brand can capitalize on the success of elevated cars and cross-versions of existing models. In any case, it will be a unique niche.