Alpina will not upgrade BMW with front-wheel drive

Alpina will not upgrade BMW with front-wheel drive

August 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Alpina experts say they are not interested in working with BMW based on UKL front-wheel drive architecture.

This platform was introduced back in 2014 and later became the basis for BMW cars with front and all-wheel drive. The 1-Series has also recently been introduced with this architecture.

In an interview with reporters at an event in Australia, Andreas Bovensipen – the head of Alpina said that for them there is absolutely no financial sense to create a new generation of FWD models, it will be economically unprofitable.

One area of ​​concern for Alpina is that some front-wheel drive models have Aisin transmissions, not ZF transmissions. All this means that the company is working with a new gearbox supplier. It should also be noted that in this cheaper segment it is much more difficult to make a profit, therefore Alpina tries to adhere to a proven methodology for tuning cars with rear-wheel drive. This practice to this day serves the company very well.