Alpina has published a teaser on the highly modernized BMW 3-Series Touring

Alpina has published a teaser on the highly modernized BMW 3-Series Touring

August 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German tuning studio Alpina presented a teaser image showing the BMW 3-Series Touring station wagon, or rather a heavily modified version of it called the B3 Touring. The official presentation of the car will take place at the Frankfurt Motor Show (September of this year).

In the event that you need a station wagon and your choice fell on the Bavarian BMW 3-Series Touring, we advise you not to rush with the decision to purchase. The fact is that the German studio Alpina plans to present its version of this car, which is expected to be more powerful than the original.

 The company’s press office has published a teaser image of a high-performance Bavarian station wagon, which will be presented on September 10 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

We already have an idea of ​​how Alpina can change a Bavarian car. Most likely, the most powerful version of the M340i Touring at the moment will be taken as the basis.

 The car will receive some exterior updates, including multi-spoke alloy wheels, a couple of new body kit elements and a high-performance exhaust system with four tailpipes.

 The in-line 3.0-liter six-cylinder turbocharged engine is likely to be upgraded to provide significantly more power than the standard 369 horsepower. Given the fact that the current Alpina B3 has “only” 404 hp. (This figure is 433 hp in the hotter version of the B3 S), we expect that the new generation B3 station wagon will be able to offer significantly more power. At the same time, the novelty can hardly compete with the “charged” BMW M3, which in its standard form will produce 480 hp, as well as 510 hp in a more powerful performance Competition.

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