Alonso Wins Daytona’s 24 Hours

Alonso Wins Daytona’s 24 Hours

January 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Fernando Alonso recorded at his own expense a victory in another world-famous race – “24 hours of Daytona.” The crew of Wayne Taylor Racing on Cadillac at number 10, which, in addition to Alonso, included Renger van der Zande, Camuy Kobayashi and Jordan Taylor, was declared the winner of the race, stopped by red flags because of the rain.

It was the rain that brought victory to the crew of the 10th car: Alonso took the lead in the race before it began, waiting for the mistake of Felipe Nasr. There were still two hours to go, but because of the rain the race was stopped and finally decided not to resume.

Nasr on Cadillac No. 31, along with his team-mates Luis Felipe Derani and Eric Curran, remained second. Crew No. 7 Penske also climbed onto the podium on the Acura ARX-05, which included Elio Castronevesh, Ricky Taylor and Alexander Rossi.

The first time the race was stopped 7 hours before the finish – also because of the rain. After an hour and a half, it was resumed. At that time, two Cadillac and two Acura teams of Penske fought for the victory, but the second Acura crew of Juan-Pablo Montoya, Dane Cameron and Simon Paginot descended at the 20th hour for technical reasons.