Alonso spoke about the past season with McLaren

Alonso spoke about the past season with McLaren

December 22, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

At the end of the season-2018, the Spanish driver left Formula-1. In his interview, he shared his thoughts on why the team could not succeed this year.

This time, McLaren won only sixth place in the Cup of designers, and Fernando Alonso was able to achieve fifth place and then in the first race, held in Australia. Then the team went from bad to worse. Speaking about this, the driver admits that he knows the reason, but is not going to announce it.

“Working on the machine, we chose a certain path, made some compromises, and hoped for a good result. However, negative moments have surfaced. ”

“Considering the whole situation, the team made the necessary conclusions, so that next year they will have much better business.” The problem is identified, so the guys know which direction to go next. In any case, they will move without Alonso, who ended his career in F1. The driver intends to spend the next year in the Indy 500.

Earlier it was reported that the M-Sport team confirmed their participation in the WRC – until the last moment they had financial problems.