Alonso: Personally, I will follow the performances of Kubica

Alonso: Personally, I will follow the performances of Kubica

February 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

For the first time in the last 18 years, Fernando Alonso will be watching the events in the Formula 1 world from the sidelines – as a spectator and a fan. But he assures that he will do this with great interest, although it seems that he will miss the start of the season in Melbourne.

“Judging by my calendar, at this time I will be returning from America after the WEC race“ 1000 miles of Sebring ”- so the circumstances,” said Fernando. – However, I will follow all the events, because my love for Formula 1 did not become less.

I do not think about the past. I was very lucky, because I know very talented racers who could not get into Formula 1, they never had a chance, although they deserved it, but they were prevented by financial problems.

Could my career have been better? Maybe. I was not lucky? Happened and such. Sometimes I found myself in uncompetitive teams, sometimes I made mistakes. For example, I left McLaren in 2007 or believed that Honda engines could become more powerful. But I also played for Ferrari, and this is in any case the highest level … “

When Alonso was asked to give fans advice, which of the participants of the championship should pay special attention in 2019, he said: “Personally, I will follow Kubica. His story is simply unbelievable, because a few months ago it seemed that all opportunities had been missed. But now he will chase, as if he has nothing to lose – however, he is.

In addition, there is Charles Leclaire, who will now play for Ferrari. He is young and talented. I have the feeling that last season was the last year of Mercedes dominance. I can only remind Lecler that the fate of the championship awards is decided in the second half of the season, so you shouldn’t rush things – you better try to keep everything under control. We need to calmly, without fuss, start the year, earn points and help the team. ”

Also Alonso believes that the appointment of Mattia Binotto leader of the Scuderia is the right step: “I think this is good. Mattia proved to be a good leader when he headed the technical department of the team. He will do everything to Ferrari has become even stronger. ”