Alonso: If I wanted, I would return to Formula 1

Alonso: If I wanted, I would return to Formula 1

May 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Having completed a career in Formula 1 last year, Fernando Alonso spends the season in the WEC, but recently announced his retirement from Toyota. The Spaniard does not yet know where he will play next year, but is not going to return to F1.

Fernando Alonso: “I don’t miss Formula 1 much. I didn’t miss a single race on TV, but everything remains more or less the same. Some teams, for example, Haas F1 or Renault began to play worse, others, in particular, McLaren or Alfa Romeo, made progress and won back the position. But Mercedes remained the leader, behind it – Ferrari and Red Bull Racing, and in this regard, nothing has changed for many years. In Formula 1, so much depends on the speed of the machine that the balance of forces can remain stable for several years.

From the side it is difficult to judge what is happening in Ferrari. I only see what we all see on TV. Mercedes won four doubles, but it cannot continue until the end of the season. Apparently, now the difference between the teams is less than ever. In any case, let’s see how events will develop. The season is long. And although it may seem that Mercedes has a big advantage, the championship can be very interesting.

If I wanted to return to Formula 1, I would do it. Everything is the same as last year, when everyone said that if I had a competitive car, I would have stayed in this championship. But now I’m leaving Toyota, which takes first and second place in every race. Unlike Dakar or any other series, in Formula 1, I have nothing to prove. I left, having outstripped in the qualifications of a partner with a score of 21-0. I did not leave because of the car, but for the sake of participation in races, where I would be interested to compete, I wanted to accept new challenges and achieve the impossible.

Each athlete has a period when he is in perfect shape, and there comes a time when it is necessary to consider other possibilities – this was the case in my case. Physical training plays a not so important role to act at the highest level in Formula 1 – you can reach the peak of form at 25 and 38 years. You never know. Age is not so important here – only motivation.

Next year I will continue to race. I don’t know yet whether I will spend the whole season in a particular championship or will take part in different races of different series, as it is now. But I’m not going to stay at home next year.

If there is an option to speak in Dakar, I have to analyze it. I had some interesting tests in South Africa, but I also tested the MotoGP motorcycle and never considered this option seriously. One thing is just to have fun, and quite another is to compete in highly professional races and try to do everything right … Whether to participate in Dakar or not – while I postponed this decision, because I don’t know how competitive I will be in such a difficult race.

In my opinion, to win the Dakar in my case is impossible. I can’t completely rule it out because I never played in a rally. Look at Sebastien Loeb – he never won the Dakar, and Carlos Sainz participated in this race for many years before he could win. Here you can not go to the start and immediately win, so for those who do not have rally experience, it is difficult to imagine how difficult it is.

Let’s see if I have such an option – in the next two months I focused only on the Indy 500 and on Le Mans, because there is a very busy schedule of participation in tests and work on the simulator, but the only way to evaluate some steps for the future is to carry out can be more tests.

Preparations for the Indy 500 goes on. We will see what positions we will take when the main events begin. We only worked on tests in Texas and Indianapolis, but they were spoiled by bad weather and some problems. We drove less than 30 laps. It is difficult to say how competitive we will be, but in this championship all the cars are the same, so everyone is equal. It will be interesting!”