Alonso: I will think about plans for 2020 after Le Mans

Alonso: I will think about plans for 2020 after Le Mans

April 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Having completed performances in Formula 1, Fernando Alonso continues his racing career. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Spaniard worked on tests in Bahrain with the McLaren program Pirelli, and on Thursday flew to Paul Ricard and got behind the wheel of Toyota in preparation for the 6 o’clock Spa and 24 Hours of Le Mans.

“Every time I get behind the wheel of a LMP1, I’ll learn something new,” says Alonso. – There are always new items to evaluate, new software. Now the car has changed compared to the one that was at our disposal in the last race in Sebring. The team must constantly refine the car, and every time you get behind the wheel, you feel that it has become better. “

At the end of March, Alonso tested Dakarov’s Toyota, but so far he doesn’t think about going into rally-raids: “In recent years, I have had the opportunity to try out various techniques – I even tested a Honda MotoGP motorcycle. I wonder what this or that technique is capable of, how it behaves on different surfaces.

Talking about the transition to rally-raids should be cautious. It’s one thing to conduct tests and have fun, and quite another – full performances. In the coming months, I have so many plans – performances in Spa, Indianapolis and Le Mans. Until July, I will not consider other options. “

Fernando added that he was not considering the possibility of participating in Formula E: “I will deal with plans for 2020 in the summer. Now my priority is the upcoming races. I want to have fun and participate in prestigious competitions. Nevertheless, I try to follow the races of Formula E, because in this series are my former teammates Massa and Vandorn, as well as Buemi and Pechito “.

Already on Monday, Fernando Alonso will be back behind the wheel – this time in preparation for the Indy 500. The Spaniard says that his goal has not changed, and he wants to win: “The victory in Indianapolis is the only thing missing on my list. I know that it will be difficult to achieve, because there are many factors to consider, including luck. For our part, we can only prepare as best we can. This year we do not cooperate with the Andretti team, so much remains to be done. ”

Speaking of Formula 1, Fernando noted the progress of McLaren: “This was expected, since in June last year we sacrificed the season and began preparations for the 2019th. We knew the areas in which we must add. It would be great if the team will regularly go to the final qualification and earn points, but it does not give me the desire to return. However, if before the stage in Abu Dhabi, Carlos Sainz wins two or three races, then such a desire will arise. “

Fernando Alonso also appreciated the speeches of Charles Leclaire: “The race in Bahrain was a disappointment to him. He started from pole position and dominated. The driver is always upset when he misses the first victory in Formula 1 for technical reasons. At the very least, he was able to climb the podium and celebrate. I’m happy for him, but I had no doubt about his speed. He was already fast last year, he won in GP3 and GP2.

Can we compare his confrontation with Vettel with what was between me and Hamilton in 2007? Nothing in common”.