Almost ready Yamaha Niken turbo

Almost ready Yamaha Niken turbo

April 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Someone had to do it, only the question was – when? And Yamaha Motorsports Australia recently shared a three-wheeled motorcycle assembly from Trooper Lu’s Garage from New South Wales (Australia). It is assumed that this is the world’s first turbo Niken, writes the foreign edition RideApart.

There are not many details, but photos shared by Yamaha and Trooper Lu’s provide some details. The most notable among them is the Garrett turbocharger, developed by Ben Shaw from Extreme Creations and mounted on the bottom of the bike. This allowed to increase the engine power by 33 hp Add to this stock standard Niken power of 115 “horses” and we get 148.

Externally, the bike also got a change. For example, instead of the usual blue for it, a new color palette was used. You can also see KYB plugs and special exhaust with Akrapovic silencer. The big upper part gives the Niken turbo some utility, a bit of a quick Niken GT.

The end result is something that doesn’t look like a standard Niken, which doesn’t look like any other bike on the road. Its desert-brown color and square box may visually hint at some adventure features, but the bike itself is no more suited to these adventures than the production model. Instead, the wizard optimized its already impressive features.

 In addition, the motorcycle can be customized and modified, despite its very unusual design. Lou promised to release a review and a full list of advancing work.