Almost nothing left: Tesla Model 3 after collision with a tree crumbled to pieces

Almost nothing left: Tesla Model 3 after collision with a tree crumbled to pieces

November 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The electric car is badly damaged and cannot be restored

Oregon resident Dylan Milota decided to test the Model 3 for strength. Driving in his car, he accelerated to 160 km / h, lost control, and then flew off the road and crashed into a tree. The blow was so strong that the tree could not stop the electric car. He “demolished” it, then another one, knocked over a concrete post, demolished a transformer substation. But that’s not all – the electric car turned over several times, and then finally stopped.

In total, after the first collision with a tree, the car flew about 100 meters.

Not only what happened is shocking, but also the problems that followed. In a violent collision, the battery of the electric vehicle scattered. Many of its small elements were found throughout the district. Some of them broke windows in several houses nearby. Unfortunately, not all of the battery cells were found. The authorities are asking local residents to be vigilant and if they are found, report to the appropriate authorities. This is essential for proper disposal.

All these events are rather similar to a fragment from the film, since the driver survived. Moreover, he not only got out of the twisted electric car on his own, but also escaped from the scene of the accident.

The police detained the driver three blocks from the incident. Dylan Milota was taken to the station where he underwent a medical examination. As it turned out, he was in a state of severe drug intoxication.

What awaits the culprit of the incident is not yet clear. Most likely, the court will sentence Milota to prison.