Almost all brands of cars banned from buying In California

Almost all brands of cars banned from buying In California

November 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Only Honda, Ford, BMW and Volkswagen cars are now suitable for state needs.

The authorities of the US state of California have banned the purchase of General Motors and Fiat Chrysler cars, as well as Toyota, Nissan and other auto brands for their own needs. Only cars Honda, Ford, BMW and Volkswagen did not fall under the ban.

The reason for this radical step is that the California authorities have the authority to regulate emissions standards in their state, regardless of the White House. The administration of US President Donald Trump recently made an attempt to deprive California of such a privilege, in which it was supported by all car manufacturers that were banned.

The ban will come into force next January, Reuters writes. State authorities will only buy cars from manufacturers that recognize California’s right to set their own emission standards, which are significantly stricter than nationwide ones. The list of loyal companies included Ford, Honda, BMW and Volkswagen Рin July all these brands entered into an agreement with the state that they are ready to follow higher environmental requirements.

California’s emissions requirements were supported by another 13 US states – they also introduced similar rules for automakers. In addition to bans on non-environmentally friendly cars, California authorities were banned from buying ICE sedans, with the exception of some vehicles that operate in the security sector.

This is not the first year that the state leadership has been actively campaigning for electric cars – last year a bill was introduced on the complete ban on ICE vehicles. The author of the document suggested simply not to register new cars with non-zero emissions in the state. If the bill is approved, it will enter into force already in 2040.