Allison: The 2020 machine creation process was long

Allison: The 2020 machine creation process was long

February 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Two weeks later, on February 14, at Silverstone, Mercedes will first show the W11, a 2020 car. According to the technical director of the champion team James Ellison, the work on its creation began at the end of 2018.

James Ellison: “From the moment when the checkered flag was given a go-ahead at the finish of the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, time passed quickly, and now we are waiting for the new season. And although many who follow the Formula 1 from the outside, it seems that one season is ending, and then after a few weeks we magically suddenly present a new car, in fact this is preceded by a much longer process.

The first ideas related to the machine, which will be launched at the start in Melbourne, appeared at the end of 2018. Just think about it, there was a whole season of 2019 ahead, and then we had not even run-in the car intended for it! Around that time, on the basis of the team, we just started bench testing of its individual components, but already thought about what we are going to do in 2020.

The process of creating a new machine is very long, it begins gradually, and then its intensity increases to peak values. This happens a month before Christmas and lasts two to three months of the following year, preceding the winter tests, and then to Melbourne itself. ”

In 2019, Mercedes racers won 15 victories, Lewis Hamilton won the title for the sixth time, and Valtteri Bottas became vice champion. Given how carefully Brackley approaches working on new equipment, there is no doubt that the W11 will be one of the best cars of the championship. Whether it will once again become the best will be revealed already during the season, and it depends more on the rivals than on the Mercedes team itself.