Allison: It’s nice to succeed when everything is against you

Allison: It’s nice to succeed when everything is against you

September 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Sochi, Mercedes won a double victory – for the first time with the British Grand Prix. The team did not expect such success and believe that they were lucky …

Lewis Hamilton (1st): “It seems to me that we have been moving towards this victory for a long time, the whole team did a great job: we did not give up, we gave all our best and always tried to come up with something new. Participation in this process is a source of great inspiration for me, and I am glad that we have achieved such a result, despite the impressive speed of Ferrari in the first segment. It was difficult for me to maintain their pace, especially on the first set of tires, but we did not give up, and the car behaved perfectly. We thought that the Soft tires of our rivals would quickly stop working, but they were driving at such a high speed that it was difficult for me to comply with it – this should be a warning to us.

Nevertheless, I managed to stay at a distance of attack, and when their tires began to wear out, I began to reduce the backlog. Charles made a pit stop, and I began to catch up with Sebastian. We had excellent chances to drive a long segment, and even if it were not for the safety car, the race would still be successful. Then everything played into our hands, and after that it was necessary to create a gap, save the tires and get to the finish line.

Of course, the season is coming to an end, but we concentrate on each race individually, gradually move forward and try not to make mistakes. In the conditions of such a struggle, you give your best, don’t leave anything unattended and try to understand what else can be done better. We like this challenge, I look forward to the next race. “

Valtteri Bottas (2nd): “For a long time we have not had victorious doubles, and I am glad that we are again on the podium together. This motivated the whole team. We knew that it was difficult to achieve a victory double, therefore we discussed all possible options for the strategy. And today the team worked perfectly.

Ferrari cars were fast the whole weekend – it seems to me that they were faster today too, and if we won the double victory, then our team did better in all other areas.

I lost a lot of time, being stuck with Sainz at the beginning of the race, on Medium tires it was difficult for me to maintain the pace of rivals, but in the second segment on Soft everything was much better. At the restart after the safety car, I felt pressure, but I completely controlled the situation. For several weeks, Ferrari has made tremendous progress – we know that we need to prepare well for the Japanese Grand Prix, but I look forward to this challenge. “

Toto Wolff, team leader: “This race once again reminded that points are earned on Sunday rather than Saturday and, most importantly, never give up. We won the winning double with a not the fastest car, which is a particular pleasure.

We started on Medium tires, and one of the reasons for our decision is the ability to drive a longer first segment in the hope that after a Ferrari pit stop a safety car will appear, and we will put Soft in the final segment. And so it happened – after Vettel left, VSC mode was announced.

Both riders did a fantastic job: Lewis constantly pressed Ferrari and kept their pace in the first segment, and after a pit stop he controlled the situation. As for Valtteri, two years ago we saw that he knew how to defend on this track when he was chased by a Ferrari, and today he did everything right, despite the huge pressure from Lecler.

But even celebrating the victory, we must not forget that this weekend our car was not the fastest. We are preparing several new products for the Grand prix of Japan, but in the coming days we need to reflect on how to maximize its capabilities in Japan and clear up the backlog. “

James Ellison, CTO: “It seems that we have not won the race for a long time, so we are especially pleased with this result. We hardly got this victory, we did not dominate the race – it is nice to succeed when everything is against you.

Preparing for yesterday’s qualification, we thought that in the race we won’t be able to get the leaders out of the second turn, regardless of the starting position – there is a long line to the second turn and a very powerful effect from the slipstream. The first segment on Medium gave us the opportunity to recoup, and in the end we were lucky. Both riders performed very well: Lewis made no mistakes, and Valtteri controlled the gap from Leclair so that he could not take advantage of DRS. He felt huge pressure, especially in the first circles after the safety car, but withstood it.

The team did a great job on the track and at our bases in Brackley and Brixworth: after a difficult start to the weekend, it’s great to return home with an award and a lot of useful information that can be used in the next races. ”