All-wheel drive Nissan IMs: an attempt to save sedans brand

All-wheel drive Nissan IMs: an attempt to save sedans brand

January 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At the Detroit Auto Show, the world premiere of the Nissan IMs concept, which the company calls the “luxury sports sedan.”

The new prototype is an attempt by Nissan to “rethink” sedans that are losing popularity in the market. In particular, Ford and General Motors are gradually beginning to abandon such machines. Yes, and all the “four-door” of Nissan itself in the US last year went “to the minus”: Altima showed a drop of 18% (254,996 units sold), Maxima lost 37% of buyers (67,627 sold cars), Sentra sales decreased by 2 , 5% (up to 218,451 copies), Versa – by 29% (106,772 cars sold).

Nissan IMs is a mixture of sedan and crossover. The company’s logic is clear – the demand for SUV cars, on the contrary, is growing. The length of the concept is 4845 mm, the wheelbase is 2900 mm. That is, the prototype turned out to be slightly shorter than the flagship “four-door” Nissan Maxima (4897 mm), although the distance between the axes of the IMs is greater (the Maxima has 2776 mm). The ground clearance of the prototype is not named.

Of course, the concept is an electric car, because “green” cars, like crossovers, are also in trend. IMs are based on a platform designed specifically for electric models; the prototype is equipped with two electric motors (on the front and rear axles) and a battery with a capacity of 115 kWh. Cumulative return of the novelty – 483 hp and 800 Nm, the claimed power reserve per charge is about 612 km. Plus in the arsenal of IMs was air suspension. But the dynamic characteristics of the model in the company did not disclose.

Of the design features of the Nissan IMs: head optics in the form of a single “running line”, a video camera instead of traditional mirrors, no central pillar, rear doors swinging open against the stroke, a golden geometric pattern on the glass roof and 22-inch wheels.

In the cabin in front of the driver are four screens, another display is in front of the front passenger. There is no central tunnel in the car. The back sofa can be transformed into a chair – the side backs fold, turning into wide armrests. IMs also have autopilot, which does not require driver participation: when the system is activated, the steering wheel “hides” in the panel, the front seats can be turned to the rear passengers.

The release of Nissan emphasizes that the car is ready to start production, but the final decision has not yet been made.

Earlier, the Japanese brand introduced electric Leaf with an increased power reserve. The model received a new battery and a more powerful engine.

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