All versions of the legendary Ford Mustang assembled in one place

All versions of the legendary Ford Mustang assembled in one place

November 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A collector from Mexico spent a lot of time and money to collect everything, absolutely all versions of the iconic sports coupe Ford Mustang in his garage.

Over the years, our publication has written about various automobile collections, ranging from ultra-rare exotic to superb and timeless classics, muscle cars and completely crazy tuning projects. Of course, there were different versions of the Ford Mustang sports coupe among these cars, but for the first time we met a collection of cars that consists exclusively of different variations of this truly iconic Ford car. The idea to collect in one place many versions of the same model came to the mind of an enthusiast from Mexico.

The author of this collection certainly loves the “Mustangs”, but he also loves to change them (for some reason).

We can get acquainted with this collection thanks to blogger Jerry Heasley, who, after visiting the Mustang habitat
posted a video tour on his YouTube channel. If you are a fan of sports cars and you really like the Ford Mustang – you should watch this video! There are many copies of the very first generation of the model. And here is another important feature – this collection also contains copies of some versions of the American car.

We love the custom touches that were added to the 1965 black coupe, as well as the Convertible GT500 Eleanor. This does not mean that the collection is completely custom-made – it also contains the original 68 Shelby GT500, which is restored to “99%”. Isn’t the white 2007 Shelby GT500 white with a red stripe beautiful?

There are original, not restored cars in this collection – for example, California Special 1968 of release. In the farthest corner is the yellow SN95 5.0 convertible with improved rear lights of the 1996-1998 model.