All UK new buildings are equipped with charging for electric cars

All UK new buildings are equipped with charging for electric cars

July 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The government expects to increase the popularity of green cars

The UK government during a public hearing proposed to equip all new buildings in the country with charging stations for electric vehicles. This step will help to significantly increase the popularity of electric transport in the country.

According to Auto Express, now the authorities are discussing the pros and cons of such a step and are holding public consultations. If the decision is made in favor of the new requirement, the buyers of apartments in new houses will no longer have to use the government scheme of subsidizing charging devices – sockets will be installed by default. The basic idea is to make charging an electric car or a hybrid as simple and convenient as charging a gadget.

This is another UK step towards the implementation of the “Road to Zero” strategy. Its essence lies in the fact that by 2040, the country plans to completely abandon cars with classic internal combustion engines, as well as a “soft” hybrid power plants with a small power reserve, completely switching to electricity. The cost of the program is estimated at 1.5 billion pounds, only 355 million were spent on reducing emissions from diesel engines.

In addition to the ban on the sale of non-environmentally friendly cars, the authorities have put forward a requirement for all charging points: starting from 2020, all of them should add the possibility of contactless payment without prior registration. Now there are several different companies in the country, each of which serves its own stations. To use the service, the user first needs to register and only after that he will be able to charge his car.

On the eve it also became known that the leadership of the British company MINI decided to join this program and by 2030 plans to completely abandon any modifications other than electrical. At the end of July, the manufacturer presented its first electric car, the interest to which turned out to be much higher than the company had expected, therefore the brand seriously considers a complete transition to environmentally friendly transport.