All Skoda models will receive LED headlights

All Skoda models will receive LED headlights

December 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At the moment, the new Skoda Octavia and Superb are already equipped with LED optics, but in the near future other models of the Czech company will join them.

LED optics on Skoda cars will allow customers to drive a vehicle much more safely even in poor light and weather conditions at any time of the year. Following the flagship Superb model, the new Octavia is also available with LED matrix headlights in addition to standard LED headlights. Compact Scala, Kamiq and Karoq crossover models are also offered with this optics.

In addition to the sufficiently high light output of such headlights, the bright and quick-response LED taillights, brake lights also provide significantly higher safety.

 The press service of the Czech automaker noted that LED technology gives extremely bright and even illumination of the road in both models. A special technology allows you to turn off some individual segments of the light beam, allowing you to move all the time with the main beam on and not interfere with other participants in the movement.

 It is known that in addition to this, matrix LED technology switches various lighting modes for various traffic situations and weather conditions. Artificial Intelligence recognizes whether a vehicle is in a city, on a country road, or on a highway using GPS data from the navigation system and driving speed, and automatically adjusts the side lighting of a lane or active corner. But during rain and in bad weather, the cornering lights illuminate the space in front of the car itself.

 In addition to the headlights, the Czech brand also uses LED technology for taillights.

 Dynamic indicators that light up when working from the inside can be added for a fee in Superb, Octavia, Scala and Karoq. This technology not only increases the overall dynamics of the car, but also visibility for other road users.