All models of the “charged” Audi RS family will receive a plug-in hybrid engine

All models of the “charged” Audi RS family will receive a plug-in hybrid engine

September 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In a recent interview, an official from the German automaker spoke about plans for the high-performance Audi RS family. All models in the family will receive plug-in hybrid powertrains (PHEV), he said.

Audi does not want to delay electrifying its lineup, especially in Europe. In its home country (Germany), the automaker offers the Q5, Q7, A6, A7 and A8 models with plug-in hybrid engines (PHEV). This is understandable, since on the Old Continent, emission standards are tightening every year.

However, we have yet to see Audi equip its high-performance RS family models with electric motors. Not surprisingly, since Audi RS models are cars for speed lovers, the mere use of the word “electric” in the same sentence as the Audi RS may already cause some controversy among fans of the loud and loud exhaust sound for which Audi RS cars are famous.

But that doesn’t mean Audi is unwilling to add hybrid versions of its RS models. This is exactly what Ekkehard Kleindienst, Audi’s head of product and technology communications, is hinting at.

Mr Kleindienst goes on to explain the benefits of electrification everywhere, which include improved fuel efficiency (of course) and a new driving experience for customers. For him, it’s like killing two birds with one stone – the internal combustion engine is designed to provide the emotional appeal of the motors (loud exhaust noise), and the electric propulsion system is in line with the brand’s electrification strategy.

While the mention of hybrid RS models was only a passing glance, we can’t deny that a similar plan might be in the works. But you can be sure that even if the Audi RS management decides to take such a step, the widespread electrification of the high-performance family can only be expected in a few years.

Not so long ago, AutoTiesNews wrote that Audi began to build an underground storage for carbon dioxide. The German automaker is assisted in this by the Climeworks company. With the help of the complex under construction, it will be possible to obtain carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It will be stored in the bowels of the earth.