All models of Mercedes-AMG, produced since 2021, will be electrified

All models of Mercedes-AMG, produced since 2021, will be electrified

April 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The 805 horsepower hybrid powerplant in the AMG GT Concept will appear in a few years. The CEO of Tobias Moers told about the new development plan for the German sports brand.

Electrification is the name of a new development plan for the German automaker. As part of a recent interview, the current boss of Mercedes-AMG announced that each model coming out in 2021 will be electrified one way or another. The division of the German concern Daimler, which is responsible for creating fast cars, already has quite a few hybrid models, including the 6-cylinder “53” and One hypercar with an F1 engine.

  That’s not all, as the recently introduced GLS full-size crossover in the “580” specification combines a 4.0-liter AMG V8 engine with a 48-volt AMG electric motor to create a soft hybrid system that we will see in the coming years.

The company’s boss told the publication that “in the beginning of 2021, not a single machine without an electrified installation will be released. We are moving fast in that direction. ”

Were also confirmed plans to create a production version of the hybrid Mercedes-AMG GT Concept (shown in the photo). This should happen in the coming years, and I hope it will retain a huge 805-hp show car power. The electrified version presented by the concept car will obviously become the most powerful unit in the company’s current portfolio.

AMG is phasing out the V12 gasoline engine, but be sure that experienced engineers are working on a decent replacement. According to the Mercedes-AMG boss, a V8 hybrid with a front-mounted electric motor can serve as the basis for future cars with the “65” index.