All James Bond cars: from Bentley to electric Aston Martin

All James Bond cars: from Bentley to electric Aston Martin

May 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Aston Martin has unveiled a special version of the DBS Superleggera supercar dedicated to the 50th jubilee of the James Bond film “The Secret Service of Her Majesty”. An excellent reason to remember the brightest cars that drove a secret agent.

The first car in which the superspy has rolled, oddly enough, is not English, but American – after arriving in Jamaica, a spy gets into a Chevrolet Bel Air convertible. Nevertheless, then the hero of Sean Connery already personally controls the British Sunbeam Alpine, where he masterfully walks away from the chase, driving under the truck. Interestingly, the budget of the first picture of the bondans was so limited that the blue sports car had to be rented from a local rental company.

The Bentley 3.5 Liter Drophead Coupe Park Ward 1935 is one of the most atypical cars made in James Bond films. The fact is that the convertible was released almost 30 years before the release of the picture. In addition, it is one of the few Bentley that appeared in the movie about 007, although in the original novels of Ian Fleming, the spy has used machines of this particular brand more than once.[IP]&ua=[UA]&domain=[DOMAIN]&page=[PAGE]&secure=[SECURE]&language=[BROWSER_LANGUAGE]&bidfloor=[BIDFLOOR]&gdpr_consent=[GDPR_CONSENT]

Perhaps the most recognizable car of James Bond is the Aston Martin DB5, which first appeared in the film “Goldfinger,” and then starred in several more films. Recently, the British even decided to release a modern version of the sports car, developed together with the film company EON Productions. The car received a number of replicas of “spy” gadgets: from the smoke screen system and turning numbers to twin machine guns in front. In total, 25 such cars will be collected, the cost of each of which will be 2.75 million pounds.

Appeared in films about the British superspy and Japanese cars. Thus, in the fifth series of the “You live only twice” franchise, one of the “characters” was the Toyota 2000GT sports car, which, however, was mainly driven by Bond’s girlfriend Aki. The model, which for some time kept the title of the fastest production car from Japan, first starred in a movie and only then went on sale.

The second model of Aston Martin, which appeared in Bond, was the “Grand Tourer” DBS from the film “On the Secret Service of Her Majesty”. Unlike its predecessor, the new “Aston” did not have any super-systems on board – there was only a portable sniper rifle stored in the glove-box in its arsenal. By the way, in 2019, the sixth Bond film marks its 50th anniversary – it was in honor of this event that Aston Martin released a special version of the modern supercar DBS Superleggera.

Ford Mustang Mach 1 from the series “Diamonds forever,” was remembered for an exciting chase when Bond left the American police on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. In the end, the hero of Sean Connery puts the car on two wheels and drives through a narrow alley, which allows him to break away from the pursuit.

But with the American hatchback AMC Hornet from the film “The Man with the Golden Gun” is associated with one of the most difficult car stunts in the history of cinema. Fans of Bond, of course, remember how the hero of Roger Moore performs the “barrel” when jumping over a destroyed bridge. By the way, the scene itself was designed on a computer and shot from the first take, and the car was subjected to only minor upgrades.

The character of Roger Moore in the series “The Spy Who Loved Me” moves away from the pursuit of a motorcycle, car and helicopter. Then his Lotus Esprit and completely dives under the water, turning into a combat submarine, firing torpedoes. Thirty-five years after the film was shot, a British sports car was bought by the head of Tesla, Ilon Mask, who paid one million dollars for a car.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante, which appeared in the film “Sparks from the eyes”, turned out to be no less packed than the famous DB5. For example, the car was equipped with rockets, a projection display for aiming, lasers, special retractable skis for riding in snow and a jet engine. As for the “civilian” model, it was called the “first British supercar”: a 390-horsepower engine allowed the car to accelerate to “hundred” in 5.3 seconds. and drive at a speed of over 270 km per hour.

The “Bond” of the 1990s can be called the era of Pierce Brosnan and BMW cars. For example, in the “And the World’s Little” series, agent 007 drives the Z8 roadster, which is equipped with ground-to-air missiles and a remote control system. The fate of the car is unenviable – the helicopter cuts it in half in Azerbaijan.

After restarting the franchise in the new millennium, Aston Martin again became the official supplier of cars for agent 007. In the latest James Bond film (in the Russian box office “007: Spectrum”), the super agent DB10, specially designed for the film, became the vehicle of the super agent. A total of 10 cars were produced, but after the shooting only three of them survived – the rest were broken during the performance of the stunts. One of the surviving cars in 2016 was sold at auction for nearly $ 3.5 million.

Recently it became known that in the next James Bond film, the first electric model of Aston Martin – Rapid E will be removed. The idea of using a completely “green” car belongs to the director of the film, Carey Fukunage, who is an active environmentalist. Aston Martin Rapid E is driven by two electric motors, giving a total of 610 horsepower. Car sales should begin this year, and the film will be released in 2020.