All Hyundai models will have their own unique interior design.

All Hyundai models will have their own unique interior design.

March 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In an interview with Roadshow, Elizabeth Curran, senior design manager for Hyundai, said the automaker would never scale the same interior to all of its models. This strategy is already visible on the last two auto brands.

Over the past year, Hyundai introduced two of its business-class sedans – the Sonata and Elantra, which received a completely redesigned appearance. Their exteriors are stylistically similar to each other, but each of them has its own chips. The interior design of these cars varies even more.

Many car manufacturers often scale the same interior design for each model, but Hyundai does not play this game.

The new Elantra has an infotainment system screen that is visually connected to a digital dashboard to which a strange piece of glass is “attached” to the left. The sonata (pictured below) separates the dashboard and infotainment screen from each other. The interior of the Elantra is also slightly driver-oriented, with a divider on the center console separating the driver and passenger from each other. Even the design of the HVAC climate control unit is different between the two models.

This helps explain the unusual Elantra design element. This is a white circle with a horizontal line in the middle, and it is located next to the dashboard. This is not some unusual new deflector or speaker by a country of form. This element does not have a functional purpose; it was created for design.

 Car interior design is likely to continue to receive screens of various sizes, as they are now central to many design projects. Some car manufacturers, such as Porsche, are trying to fit as many screens as possible into the salons, while others use them exclusively for dashboard nd multimedia.