All-electric BMW iX3 gets special aerodynamic wheels

All-electric BMW iX3 gets special aerodynamic wheels

February 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Bavarian brand is preparing to launch its first electric car with a new fifth-generation eDrive transmission. In anticipation of the debut, the details of “special” alloy wheels, significantly improving the energy efficiency of the electric car, were revealed.

BMW will unveil its first electric crossover called the iX3 this year. As part of the start of the teaser campaign, as well as the heating of interest in a future new product, the press service revealed new details.

The model will receive special aerodynamic wheels. They are lighter than usual, and also have a special shape, which reduces the drag coefficient. According to the company, this allows to improve the energy efficiency of an electric car. They received five V-shaped spokes. In addition, they are created using special composite inserts.

 New wheels reduce drag coefficient by 5%. They are also 15% lighter than conventional drives, and reduce power consumption by 2%. They allow you to increase the range by 10 km. Similar wheels will be used on future BMW iNext and i4 electric cars.

In addition, the novelty will be the first model to receive the fifth-generation eDrive electrical installation. Its feature was the ability to combine an electric motor, transmission and power electronics in a single module. Another feature will be a rechargeable battery, built on the basis of new elements with the most advanced mixture of 811 – the latest in the NMC cathode chemistry line.

The basic version of the BMW iX3 will receive one electric motor on the rear axle with a power of up to 286 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. Cruising range will be 440 km.