All cars in Japan must be equipped with automatic headlights

All cars in Japan must be equipped with automatic headlights

April 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

It is only about new machines that will be presented after the entry into force of the new requirement. For the rest, a delay will apply.

Japanese authorities are tightening security controls on the country’s roads in the dark. To do this, the automatic headlights function will become mandatory for new cars in the Land of the Rising Sun, regardless of what type of lighting is used there. The new rule took effect on Wednesday, April 1, according to Driving Vision News.

The rules for switching on low-beam headlamps must be implemented in accordance with the UN 48 algorithm, according to which the navigation lights must be switched on within two seconds if the light level drops below 1000 lux. This corresponds to the light 15 minutes before sunset on a bright day.

The headlights will turn off automatically when the illumination reaches 7000 lux. In this case, the driver will not be able to disable such functionality on their own.

 At the same time, the machines, the presentation of which took place before April 1 of this year, will be given a delay of 1.5 years – they should add such functionality by October 2021. As for trucks and passenger buses, this option will become mandatory for them by October 2023. The adoption of the new law is associated with the increasing incidence of accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists in the dark.