All Audi buttons and knobs disappear in Audi vehicles

All Audi buttons and knobs disappear in Audi vehicles

December 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Automakers are constantly looking for ways to make things simpler, sleeker and more often better. For example, headlights. Gone are the days when we first used gas light to give humanity the opportunity to “see at night.” Currently, laser technology is becoming rampant.

Audi does not stop there. According to a report from Motor Authority, Mark Lichte, head of the Audi design department, said he wants to completely get rid of the buttons and knobs inside future Audi cars.

This means that future Audi cars will have a smaller instrument cluster that shows less information to give way to a futuristic on-screen display that uses augmented reality. Two huge screens in the center of the dashboard will also be combined into one huge touch panel, creating a solid look.

But Lichte understands that touch controls are not a panacea for everyone, so the alternative way to adjust the sound volume of your Audi will still be in place – just not a pen.

Lichte mentioned in a report from the Automotive Industry Administration that change will be evolution, not revolution, so as not to shock its customers.