Alibaba sells 6×6 SUV with 8.9 liter engine

Alibaba sells 6×6 SUV with 8.9 liter engine

November 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The HJ ATV6 monster SUV is being sold on the Alibaba marketplace. Under the hood is a massive 8.9-liter Cummins diesel engine.

On the Chinese marketplace there was an announcement for the sale of the monstrous HJ ATV6 SUV. Hubei Haojing is a local bus brand, but they also create some weird vehicles like this.

Essentially, the six-wheeled ATV6 SUV is an open-top off-road bus that measures a whopping 8.8 meters in length and rides on 1.4 meter tires.

An ad on Alibaba claims the SUV does indeed have a 6×6 wheel arrangement, and a 4×4 version is also available.

There is no mention of portal axles like those on similar Mercedes SUVs, but one of the published photos shows a three-pointed star on a fake Panamericana grille. The bus is powered by a giant 8.9-liter Cummins diesel engine, although Alibaba has a funny inscription “Cummings” on it. Its output is 260 horsepower, and although torque is not mentioned, the engine produces 1,550 Nm on the Cummins website.

A 23-seater car costs 110,000 dollars and you will have to wait about a month for it to be delivered to you. Interestingly, purchasing at least 20 of these machines lowers the asking price to $ 86,000. The HJ ATV6 comes with a 24-month warranty for 199,558 km. and appears to be offered with an optional roof.