Alibaba began selling cars through a vending machine

Alibaba began selling cars through a vending machine

March 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Chinese company Alibaba Group began selling cars through a vending machine. The first similar device firm opened in China, reports TechCrunch. At the moment, anyone can buy through a machine Ford machine. When Alibaba Group will offer customers cars of other brands is still unknown.

The project was initiated by a subsidiary company Alibaba – Tmall. The buyer needs to select the desired machine with a mobile application and click the “buy” button. Then the requested car will go down on the elevator of a multi-level garage, after which the customer will be able to pick it up.

The buyer will need to pay an initial fee of 10% of the car’s value, and then make a monthly payment through the Alipay system. At the same time, customers with a high rating will be able to purchase a car in a new way. Also, customers are invited to take the car through the device for a three-day test drive.

“Thanks to our new system, the process of acquiring a car will be as simple as buying a cola bank,” said Tmall CEO Yui Wei.

The first vending machine for the sale of cars began operating in 2015 in the US Nashville. He opened an online service Carvana, which sells cars with mileage.