Alfa Romeo will release a “charged” version of Giulia

Alfa Romeo will release a “charged” version of Giulia

March 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Italian company published a video teaser that confirms the brand’s plans for the release of Giulia GTA.

At the beginning of 2020, rumors appeared that Alfa Romeo was going to introduce a “charged version” of the Giulia coupe, despite the fact that the brand canceled the revival of two iconic GTV and 8C plates. After some time, representatives of the brand denied such reports, noting that they did not plan to release a more powerful modification of the model.

However, on the eve of the brand’s official page on the social network, a teaser video dedicated to the history of motorsport Alfa Romeo appeared. The 28-second video got the headline “Stay with us”, hinting to the viewer that the company is really introducing a hotter version of Giulia. The video shows the previous version of the model, and the action is accompanied by the inscription “This is what the essence of courage consists of: Legacy. Force. Ease. Adrenalin”.

All these catchy phrases point us to one car, the Giulia GTA, which has been produced since the late 60s. The lightweight sports coupe was famous for its lightweight bodywork and power. The last part of the clip, which depicts a triangular logo with the Latin phrase Audentes Fortuna Iuvat, also makes us believe in the imminent release of the new item. It should be noted that Autodelta, the racing division of Alfa Romeo, developed the Giulia GTA, which also has a triangular logo.

By the way, another hint at the “charged” car was the inscription that was attached to the photo teaser: “Rivets on the sides and on the wings give the body more strength and increase the stability of the car.” Recall that the lightweight Giulia GTA came with external aluminum panels instead of steel, which were riveted to the internal thin steel panels. Since pop rivets are the main subject of the upcoming Alfa Romeo, the clues are very clear, but official confirmation from the brand is still necessary.