Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio set a lap record on three tracks

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio set a lap record on three tracks

May 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The modern automobile world is unique in that buying an SUV is far from a fact that you will eventually be able to drive it at least outside of perfectly flat asphalt, not to mention a real off-road.

Nevertheless, demand creates supply, and automakers can boast of record-breaking circles on their SUV class models, which sounds great, but ultimately meaningless.

Recently, Alfa Romeo released a video about how its Stelvio Quadrifoglio set a lap record for three-track off-road vehicles in the UK – Silverstone, Donnington Park and Brands Hatch.[IP]&ua=[UA]&domain=[DOMAIN]&page=[PAGE]&secure=[SECURE]&language=[BROWSER_LANGUAGE]&bidfloor=[BIDFLOOR]&gdpr_consent=[GDPR_CONSENT]

Professional driver David Breeze at the wheel of Stelvio Quadrifoglio drove a lap at Brands Hatch in 55.9 seconds, at Donington in 1 minute 21.1 seconds, and at Silverstone in 2 minutes 31.6 seconds, but this is not the first time this SUV sets track records. Earlier in 2017, Stelvio Quadrifoglio drove the lap at the Nürburgring in 7 minutes 51.7 seconds.

Note that Stelvio uses light modern materials in the body structure, special suspension settings, as well as a Ferrari V6 engine with turbocharging, a volume of 2.9 liters per 510 horsepower.