Alfa Romeo revealed new details about the Tonale hybrid

Alfa Romeo revealed new details about the Tonale hybrid

September 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Italian company introduced its Tonale hybrid six months ago. He will receive a production version and will soon go into production.

Alfa Romeo presented in March at the Geneva Motor Show a unique and beautiful Tonale concept crossover. Until that moment, there was no information whether the compact car will appear in mass production or will remain the only copy.

Over the past years, management has repeatedly reviewed future plans for the development of the company, crossing out future innovations for the development of which there was not enough money. And after a sharp drop in car sales in the first six months of 2019, Alfa Romeo could forget about creating new projects in the near future. However, the company was still able to release the Tonale crossover, which will soon be put into production.

Shortly before the debut of the compact crossover, Tonale was informed that the Alfa Romeo SUV will be built on the Renegade platform. “Cart” for more than ten years, but they decided to give her a second life and adapt to hybrids. Insiders were completely right, and Tonale made its debut with this platform.

The rear wheels of the four-seater crossover drives the electric motor. On electric traction, the range will be approximately 50 km, and accurate information will be said by the end of the year. The total power of both engines installed in the car is 240 horsepower.