Alfa Romeo Montreal shown on renderings

Alfa Romeo Montreal shown on renderings

June 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

It is known that last year Alfa Romeo abandoned its most interesting models, as the company announced that it no longer plans to revive the 8C and GTA.

The news was a sad disappointment, but not entirely unexpected, since the five-year plans of the FCA are about as accurate as horoscopes. While Alfa Romeo is fully committed to the release of new crossovers, fortunately, the design community has not forgotten what makes the Alfa Romeo so interesting, primarily sports cars.

This brings us to the Alfa Romeo x Montreal 2020 concept, which was created by Yosuke Yamada, a professional automotive designer working for the Japanese original equipment manufacturer. The modern Montreal, created in your free time, is a stunning two-door coupe that pays homage to the original 1970s.

However, the car is far from retro, as it has clean lines and a smoother interpretation of the Alfa Romeo modeling language. As you can see, the model has a minimalist front panel with thin headlights and a V-shaped carbon fiber grille. The V-shape is reflected on the hood, which flows back to meet the windshield.

The model has a streamlined body and muscular hind wings. There are also aerodynamic side skirts, a smooth roof and five-spoke alloy wheels, reinforced by Brembo’s high-performance braking system.

Continuing backward, you will see a concave rear panel with stylish carbon-coated tail lights, as well as a turbine. There is also an outstanding diffuser and a dual exhaust system mounted in the center.

Yamada said he wanted to modernize Montreal, while giving it a “simple, elegant and sexy” look that defined the frame-like Italian concepts of the 1970s. It’s hard to argue with this, because “simple, elegant and sexy” is almost how you can describe the Alfa Romeo x Montreal 2020 concept.