Alfa Romeo introduced the concept of its own hypercar Stradale

Alfa Romeo introduced the concept of its own hypercar Stradale

October 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Hypercar Alfa Romeo, most likely, will never see the light of day, but still if such a car ever appears on the market and looks as good as its conceptual version, it could become a very, very formidable competitor in its class.

Designer Oscar Johansson is the creator of the Alfa Romeo hypercar – he called his concept Stradale. I must admit that the car looks absolutely gorgeous and will be an adornment of the lineup of the Italian automaker.

The car has a very low profile. In front are a pair of huge air intakes that direct air through the underbody of the car, which then exits the rear diffuser, creating the necessary level of downforce and eliminating the need for a fixed rear wing. The car looks even better thanks to a pointed nose.

The body smoothly stretches back from the front, above the voluminous front wheel arches, and rushes along the sides, where there are small doors with handles located at the same level.

The cockpit is low, narrow and covered with black tinted glass. The remarkable exterior is completed by a simple rear with thin horizontal taillights, a third LED brake light located vertically, and a large diffuser.

The likelihood that an Alfa Romeo hypercar will appear on sale is incredibly small, we know that the Italian automaker is working hard to succeed the legendary model 8C. The car will be equipped with a carbon monocoque chassis, a twin-turbo engine located between the axles, an auxiliary electric motor mounted in front. The total power of the hybrid motor will be more than 700 hp. The appearance of this car is expected no earlier than 2023.