Alfa Romeo Giulia will receive an electric track version

Alfa Romeo Giulia will receive an electric track version

December 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Romeo Ferraris sports team is preparing to take part in the new ETCR racing series. It was created specifically for cars converted from serial models to electric cars. The first series of four races will be held in 2020.

The Romeo Ferraris sports team from Italy published the first image of a new electric car. The sports car is based on the Alfa Romeo Giulia, and will soon become a fully electric sports car.

 “After the TCR Alfa Romeo Giulietta showed excellent results, we are boldly immersed in the concept of the new ETCR series. We believe that electric cars are an obvious choice for the future, not only for civilian, but also for car racing, ” – said Michela Cherruti, Operations Manager at Romeo Ferraris in her presentation to Giulia.

 The ETCR racing series has just been created, and in 2020 four races will be held. Already in 2021 their number will be increased. In the rules of the series, teams are invited to remake any four- or five-door cars into an electric car. The motor, gearbox, inverters and batteries are strictly standardized. As the power unit should be used 402-horsepower electric motor with the ability to develop peak power of up to 670 horses. The battery has a capacity of 65 kW * hours.

Although the teams are completely free in the ways and approaches to installing a new power plant. Of course, cars will need to be prepared for racing with all safety conditions.

Meanwhile, Maserati is testing a new sports car camouflaged under the Alfa Romeo 4C. The corporation has distributed photos of the prototype of the upcoming sports car.